3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dishwasher This Spring

Spring is a great time to pay a little extra attention to your dishwasher. Here are three different ways you can take care of your dishwasher this spring.

#1 Inspect All Gaskets

Around the outer edge of your dishwasher door is a seal that ensures that when the dishwasher door is closed, no water leaks out during the washing process. This seal is created by a gasket that runs around the interior edge of your dishwasher door. Over time, this gasket can become faulty. When the gasket becomes faulty, you can generally see cracks or cuts in the gasket and water starts coming out around your dishwasher door.

Check your gasket to see if it is still in good shape. If it is getting worn down, you are going to want to purchase a new gasket from your local appliance store. To replace the old, worn out gasket, use a screwdriver to pry it out of place. Then, take the new gasket and soak it in some hot water to make it more pliable. After that, simply push it into place.

#2 Clean Sprayer Arm

Second, look into of your dishwasher at the sprayer arm. Generally, the sprayer arm is located on the bottom of the dishwasher. On the sprayer arm, there are tiny little holes that the water can come out of. These tiny little holes, over time, can get clogged with tiny food particles as well as mineral deposits from your water.

To clean your sprayer arm, pull out the bottom drawer of your dishwasher. Then, unscrew the sprayer arm from the bottom of your dishwasher. As a side note, some dishwashers now have sprayer arms on top of the dishwasher as well.

Then, take the sprayer arm and soak it in some vinegar that you have warmed up a bit. A vinegar solution will loosen up the debris inside the sprayer arm. To get all the food out, you may need to use a small pointed tool to get out the debris. Rinse it off and put it back in place. This will help ensure that your dishes are clean.

#3 Clean The Filter

On the bottom of your dishwasher, most likely in the back corner, there should be a filter or drain. This is a food drain, that is designed to catch all the food particles and debris that are left on your dishes and make their way into your dishwasher.

You should check the filter or drain every few weeks and remove any food debris that has built up. You should also remove the filter or drain and clean it. If you can remove it, make sure that there are not any food particles under the drain. Doing this every few weeks will prevent water from getting backed up inside of your dishwasher and will help your dishwasher smell fresh.