Is Your Commercial Microwave Acting Funny? 3 Signs It Needs Repairs

In the hospitality business, microwaves are major assets. Whether your kitchen crew uses them to warm up side dishes or you have a series of them installed in your hotel rooms, keeping the microwaves in top condition is important for everyone's safety. While a professional-grade microwave can last a long time with proper care, they do eventually require servicing. Watch for these signs that it is time to arrange for microwave repairs before your entire appliance requires replacement.

Improper Food Cooking

Seasoned chefs will often notice that something does not seem right with the cooking times. Unfortunately, food that is not reaching the right temperature in the microwave poses a serious risk for food-borne illnesses. When food is not finished cooking within the appropriate time, there may be an issue with the magnetron, or heating element, that needs to be fixed right away.

It Makes Odd Noises

Most microwaves generate a mild hum as the components start to work. However, your crew should always be concerned if they notice odd clangs or knocking sounds while the unit is in operation. Sometimes this is simply a sign of a dirty turntable. Have your kitchen staff remove the turntable elements and clean each part thoroughly. If the microwave continues to make the sound, then contact a service technician, because this could be caused by anything from the magnetron to the capacitor going out.

You Notice Burning Smells

A burning smell in a kitchen is never good, and when it comes from your microwave, it is dangerous. When you notice burning odors emanating from the microwave that are not food-related, then your appliance may have a problem with the electrical wiring. Avoid allowing anyone but a professional to address this problem since microwaves operate with high voltage, and a small mistake could lead to a serious shock. You will also need to prohibit use of the microwave until it has been repaired to prevent this issue from turning into a serious restaurant fire.

Whether your business's commercial microwave receives constant use or is just there as backup in case another appliance goes out, it is essential to keep it in top condition. Make sure that your kitchen staff cleans it regularly, and train everyone on how to use it according to the manufacturer's directions. Then, keep an eye out for the early warning signs of failure so that you can repair minor issues before they lead to a major catastrophe.

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