Is It Worth It To Fix A Broken Washer/Dryer?

When an appliance breaks down, a homeowner has to weigh the benefits of replacing it or repairing versus the downsides. Replacing an appliance with a new one tends to cost more money. However, repairs can also be complicated, and it can be difficult to justify a huge repair bill in some situations. Before settling on replacing or repairing your washer/dryer, there are a number of questions you should ask yourself first.

How Does the Repair Cost Compare with the Replacement Cost?

Repairing some parts of a washer/dryer can be very expensive. It's even more expensive if several parts need to be repaired. If the price is high enough, it may be a much better decision, in the long run, to just buy a new appliance. Expensive repairs can be tough to deal with because you can't eliminate the possibility of a recurrence of the same issue in the near future. This isn't unusual if the problem has to do with a manufacturing defect.

How Old Is the Appliance?

At some point in time, you will have to consider replacing your washer/dryer even if it's still running. When appliances approach the end of their life cycle, they will not operate as well as they used to. You may find yourself repairing the appliance over and over. These repair bills can mount up.

If it's around that time when you would be considering a replacement washer/dryer, it might be smart to just replace the appliance and not have to worry about constant repairs. However, for a relatively new machine, appliance repair should still make sense.

How Often Have You Had to Make Repairs?

It's not a good sign if a machine is constantly in need of repairs. When you have multiple parts of your washer/dryer failing, it might be a coincidence, a cascading failure or a manufacturing defect that is behind it. Regardless of the cause, this should warn you that you may be looking at more repairs in the future. You should consider trying a new repair shop, at the very least. In some cases, you may want to cut your losses instead.

How Well Does the Machine Run?

If the machine runs quite well when it's in good shape, you may also have an added incentive to repair it rather than rush to replace it. Quite often, people get frustrated with an appliance due to a small issue that can be easily corrected by a professional.

For more information, contact your local home appliance repair service.