Hot Spots For Cool Fireplaces And Zero Fire: Design Ideas That Heat Up Your World

Once upon a time, a fireplace meant warmth and survival and a hint of romance. They also meant a lot of smoke, ash, and possibly lighting your home on fire by accident. Fast forward to the present, and you have all kinds of fireplace options, but the best part is that none of these requires cleaning or concern with house fires. Each of the following design ideas places your new fireplace in a unique space in any room, and lets you control how often and how long the fireplace is lit. 

Faux Log Stack in a Backyard Fire Pit

There are so many rules and regulations to having a fire pit on your property, but this particular "fireplace" allows you to circumvent those regulations. Since you are not technically burning logs, paper, or any combustibles, you will not need a burning permit from your city. These faux logs are stacked in such a way as to resemble a fire pit but actually burn natural gas instead. A remote control device turns the fire pit and faux logs on and off, and a gas line from your house runs to this fake set of logs. You can cozy up to a fire outdoors any time of the year without even lighting a match. 

Fireplace in the Bathroom

A lot of deluxe resort suites now offer two-sided fireplaces in their rooms, with one side facing the master bedroom and the other side facing the master bath. You could go two-sided as well, but just having a cozy and romantic "fire" in the bathroom while soaking in a bubble bath is probably enough. Again, this fireplace is a gas-burning one. It gives off a warm glow but without the smell of burning wood or the mess of ash. The burnt vapors from the gas go up the chimney and out the roof, but the vapors are clean enough to not harm the environment. 

Fireplace at the End of a Kitchen Island

Here is a unique place to insert a fireplace. If you have a large enough kitchen island, you can insert a fireplace under the countertop at one end of the island. Most people who have done this position the fireplace so that it faces a breakfast nook and provides more ambiance during meals taken in the nook. It is design ideas like these that are seen in "look books" from the likes of Napoleon Fireplaces and other fireplace designers that can really get you thinking about where to install a gas fireplace next. 

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