Wondering Why Your Refrigerator Won't Keep Food Cool? 3 Possible Clues

The refrigerator fresh food compartment is where the bulk of items are stored. Therefore, it needs to be slightly warmer than the other compartments because fresh foods should not be subjected to extreme temperatures. However, if you notice that the compartment has higher temperatures necessary, it is a warning sign that you need to act to prevent the fresh food from spoiling too quickly. This is a common problem that can occur because of various reasons. Here are some reasons the refrigerator is behaving in such a manner.

Is the Temperature Control Working?

Every refrigeration appliance has a defrost thermostat in the lower compartment. Its role is to control the temperature inside the chamber. When it is functional, it kicks on when the chamber gets too warm and a cooling cycle starts. When broken, the heater stays off, and evaporator coils freeze. The restricted flow of warm air over the evaporator coils keeps the temperatures high while at the same time preventing fresh and cool air from getting in. You should have an appliance repair technician troubleshoot and replace the thermostat if it's not working.

Is Cold Air from the Freezer Getting to the Lower Compartment?

This part allows the movement of cold air from the freezer compartment into the lower sections. It is located at the top left corner of most refrigerator models and has a thermostat to control it. When the system gets stuck in a tight position, the airflow from the freezer compartment becomes restrained. Lack of cold air from the freezer means the temperature inside the fresh food part rises. Get an appliance repair technician to assess the damper, toggle it, and loosen it. If loosening it doesn't work, consider replacing it altogether.

Are All Settings Correct?

The settings that you put on your refrigerator will determine how it behaves. However, when the unit starts to malfunction, it does not act according to the instructions or settings. You can troubleshoot the unit by reducing its temperature and leaving it for a little while. Come back and check the state of the fresh food compartment. Check the damper if the food hasn't cooled down, but the other compartments are functional. An appliance repair technician can help you troubleshoot.

These are some of the reasons why you are likely to have a hard time keeping the food cold and fresh. If you notice this behavior with your appliance, you should immediately hire a certified refrigeration technician to repair it and prevent food loss.