What Are The Top Causes Of Air Conditioner Issues And How Can You Resolve Them?

Most people struggle with air conditioning issues throughout the life span of their unit. That said, most complications stem from a general lack of knowledge on how to service and maintain the system. You must note that part of AC appliance maintenance depends on understanding the possible causes of problems and the best ways to resolve them. Here are some of the most common reasons why air conditioners fail.  

Leaks in the Ducts

Leaky ducts are a common issue with central air conditioning systems. During system installation, the AC appliance contractors create quality ductwork to distribute air throughout the home. That said, these installations are prone to wear or damage by pests. Hence, if there is an opening in the ducts, it means the conditioned air will not get to its intended destination. So, the AC will overcompensate for the leaks by working harder than it should, which eventually causes a premature breakdown. 

The Compressor Has Low Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the fluid that facilitates heat exchange in your air conditioner. In this case, when the heated air passes over the evaporator coils, the refrigerant draws it in for cooling. More so, the refrigerant levels should be high to facilitate proper heat exchange. So, if a leak occurs, the refrigerant levels drop and your unit will not cool the air as efficiently as before. Here, the solution is to find out why the refrigerant levels have dropped and resolve it. Often, a leak in the coils leads to a loss of fluid, and after sealing it, the appliance repair service technician will refill the system to restore its cooling capacity. 

The Coils in the Condensation Unit Need Cleaning

The condenser sits outside the house for most AC units. This is because outdoor conditions are the best for heat dissipation from the AC. However, this can also lead to excessive exposure to dust, foliage, and other environmental dirt. Thus, you should check your condenser regularly to ensure it is not accumulating debris, which could interfere with the working mechanisms. Ultimately, it is best to clear the area around the condenser to save the coils from the dirt that will compromise their ability to release heat into the environment. 

The Drains Are Clogged

You will know your AC drains are clogged when they drip moisture inside the house. You should know that your system should drain water outside the home. So, water puddles inside indicate the drains have clogged with dirt and debris. In this case, an expert must clear the clogs to prevent water damage inside your home.

These are the common causes of air conditioner issues in the home. Remember, it is always best to speak to an appliance repair technician to troubleshoot and solve all AC problems. This will help you avoid future breakdowns or premature unit failure.

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