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Washing Machine Flooring: Multiple Problems That Can Occur With Poor Appliance Positioning

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The location where you place your washer can have a huge impact on the way that the appliance works and operates. Over time, the conditions of an area may warp or change, impacting the even level of a washer. What may seem like minor problems at first can quickly change to major problems in the future. If you are experiencing multiple problems with your washer, then purchasing a new washer may not be the solution because the ground level that it is on is just uneven. By contacting a washing machine repair company, you can have your washer fixed, eliminate any issues, and stabilize the appliance so that it operates evenly in the future. Read through this guide to understand the different problems and issues that may occur when washing machines are not on proper flooring.

Washer Vibrations

One of the easiest ways to tell if your washer is not functioning properly is if the washer vibrates heavily while going through a regular cycle. This is a sign that the washer is not level and there is not enough stability to keep it operating correctly. A washing machine repair technician can help find the exact cause of the leveling issue. In some cases, water leaks, moisture, and humidity may have changed the flooring underneath the washer and warped it. If this is the case, then the washer can be adjusted so that it is leveled out and more stable. In other cases, the problem could be with the washer itself. Worn casters on the base of the washer could be the cause of heavy vibrations. A technician can replace those and ensure that the washer sits evenly.

Washing Machine Leaks

When poor flooring causes extra vibrations, it can also impact the inlet and outlet hoses on the washing machine. If the hoses are moved too much, they could easily leak and cause water problems for your laundry room area. If you notice small puddles or leaking water, then you should immediately shut off the water source to the washer. A repair technician can examine the leaks and then reattach the hose using more secure methods. Once the washer is repaired, you do not have to worry about water damage or the build of mold.

Defective Switches

Washing machines rely on a number of switches and controls to properly operate and work safely. If an error does occur, it can create all types of problems for the washer. If your washer has an LCD screen, then it may display an error code or a fault code. These faults can occur if too much vibration has damaged a switch or control board operation. A repair technician can diagnose the error and replace the parts to help it function again. This includes laundry lid switches, drainage switches, and control switches. Just having one of these switches malfunction can create all types of problems for your appliance.

Cycle Issues

If your washer is off balance, then you may notice all types of issues during a cycle. As you attempt to complete a small load of laundry, it’s a good idea to stay and watch it through each cycle. One of the biggest differences you may notice is during the spin cycle. As a spin cycle takes place, the spinning of the washer will not occur if it is off balance and the laundry drum is not spinning evenly. This safeguard was put in to help prevent disasters and ensure that all of the clothes are washed properly. You may also notice problems during the rinse and drainage cycle. Clothes may be too wet or have extra suds left on them if the washer is not operating correctly. Leveling out the washer and testing it can help prevent a lot of these issues.

A repair technician from a company like Affordable Appliance Repair can offer more tips and advice if you find that your washer is not working the way it’s supposed to be.

HVAC Maintenance To Reduce The Symptoms Of Allergies

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From itchy and watery eyes to a runny nose and constant sneezing, seasonal allergies can wreak havoc on your well-being. Managing these symptoms is possible with allergy medications, but reducing your exposure to pollen, dust, and dander inside the home is also smart. While surprising to hear, focusing on your home’s heating and air conditioning system can reduce your exposure to these allergens. If you are part of the 50 million Americans suffering with nasal allergies, consider following simple steps to clean and maintain your home’s HVAC system. Using these techniques to maintain your heating and cooling system, you can improve your indoor air quality and reduce your allergy symptoms.


Your HVAC equipment requires a filter to protect its function and efficiency. The filters trap dirt, dust, and other debris before it enters your home. If the filter is clogged up with debris, conditioned air will not move into and through your home properly. This will cause your system to work harder, reducing its efficiency and increasing your energy bills. Considering half of your home’s total energy usage goes towards heating and cooling, making sure your filters are clean at all times ensures your system is running in an effective, efficient manner.

Of course, changing your filters will also improve your home’s indoor air quality, reducing your allergy symptoms. Be sure to remove your old filter and replace with a new one each month. Use the following tips to locate your system’s filters:

If you have a system with a horizontal unit where the return duct is connected to the air handler’s side, the filter will be located on the side of unit’s intake.

If your system’s vertical air handler has the return duct opening on the top of the air handler, the filter will be located on the slot above the unit. However, if the vertical air handler’s return is duct opening is located below the air handler, the filter slot will be below the unit.

In some cases, the HVAC filter will be located behind the grill on a wall inside your home. If you have a return in each room of your house, filters will be found behind each return grill.

Consider replacing each filter with a high-efficiency filter to remove up to 85 percent of pollutants from the air. While more expensive compared to traditional filters, high-efficiency models are most effective for improving efficiency and your home’s indoor air quality.


You may notice debris inside the returns when replacing your filters. This surface debris is easy to suction away using your vacuum and an attachment, but a more involved cleaning will be necessary if you have excessive dirt and dust inside your ductwork.

Located in the walls, ceiling, crawlspace, and attic of a home, the ductwork is an imperative part of moving conditioned air into the home. Unfortunately, air is not the only element moved into the home. Even though a large percentage is hopefully trapped by your system’s filters, dirt, dust, dander, and mold may flow into your home.

The ductwork is an elaborate system, so you will not be able to clean it entirely on your own. Hiring professional contractors for a duct cleaning service may seem costly, but it is a smart investment if you have mold and large amounts of dust in your ducts.

If you suffer with allergies and notice the following signs, your system’s efficiency and your underlying health will benefit from a duct cleaning service:

  • Dust, cobwebs, and debris blowing out of registers
  • Visible mold on and in ducts
  • Dead bugs/rodent droppings inside ducts

By maintaining your filters and ductwork, your heating and cooling system will work in an effective and efficient manner. However, these simple solutions will also reduce the amount of allergens inside your home. Using this guide, your system will heat and cool efficiently while reducing your allergy symptoms. For more information, contact a local HVAC company or visit websites like

Types Of Maintenance Your Appliances Need To Last Long And Run Efficiently

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Purchasing new appliances can be extremely costly, and it can also be inconvenient if you wait until one of your appliances breaks down completely. Instead of spending thousands of dollars replacing your appliances, you could invest a small amount of money in them each year for maintenance. By doing this, you could prolong the life of your appliances, and you could prevent major inconveniences from occurring in your home if one stops working. Here are some tips to help you understand the types of maintenance you should do to your appliances on a regular basis.

Washing Machine

A new washing machine can cost between $300 to $1,200 on average, and this is a lot of money to spend if yours stops working. In addition, if a washing machine develops a problem, it could lead to flooding in your home. Paying for flood damage can cost thousands of dollars if it is bad enough, but you could prevent this by performing regular maintenance on your washer.

One type of service you should consider doing is replacing the rubber hoses on the device. These hoses can wear out from use and from rubbing against things, and a worn hose can lead to a leak. This is something that is only necessary every five years.

Dryer Maintenance

Your dryer will last longer if you keep the internal parts and vent clean. As you use your dryer, lint can accumulate inside the parts of the device and in the vent used to carry the fumes out of your house. As this happens, your dryer may begin taking longer to dry your clothes. This will not only cause an increase in your energy bills, but it can also lead to a fire if lint clogs up your vent completely. In addition, if your dryer gets too hot, it could burn up the motor and other important parts in the dryer.

To avoid these issues, you should have your dryer and vent cleaned regularly. Doing this once a year is typically sufficient, and this could help extend the life of your dryer.


Refrigerators are one of the most expensive appliances to replace, and you could spend anywhere from $900 to $8,000 on a new one. If you want to avoid a major expense like this, you may want to perform a few services on your refrigerator regularly to help extend the life of this important appliance.

There are several different services a refrigerator should have completed for maintenance purposes, and one of the main ones is coil cleaning. Refrigerator coils are typically located on the bottom of a refrigerator and they are usually brass colored. They tend to collect dust and dirt over time, and this needs to be removed once or twice each year. The best way to remove it is to scrub the coils with a wire brush and then vacuum them. By doing this, they will be able to release the heat they absorb, and this will protect your refrigerator.

The other important step you should take is defrosting the appliance a couple times a year. Defrosting is done to remove built-up ice inside the freezer section, and removing this will help your device run easier and with less energy.

Oven And Stove

Finally, you may want to complete a couple steps with your stove and oven to keep it running well for years to come. A lot of things can go wrong with an oven, and one way to prevent problems is by keeping the blower in the device lubricated. The blower is used to expel heat from the oven during use, and the blower assists with this. Keeping this part lubricated will help it do its job, and this could increase the life of your oven. 

If you want to make sure your appliances last as long as possible, you could hire a company that offers appliance services, such as Goldman  Appliances Inc. They can perform the correct maintenance tasks on each appliance you own, and this could make a big difference in the way they work and in their lifespans.