Is Your Commercial Microwave Acting Funny? 3 Signs It Needs Repairs

In the hospitality business, microwaves are major assets. Whether your kitchen crew uses them to warm up side dishes or you have a series of them installed in your hotel rooms, keeping the microwaves in top condition is important for everyone’s safety. While a professional-grade microwave can last a long time with proper care, they do eventually require servicing. Watch for these signs that it is time to arrange for microwave repairs before your entire appliance requires replacement.

4 Reasons The Light In Your Refrigerator Or Freezer May Not Be Working

It can be annoying to have to look around in the dark for your food. When your fridge or freezer is literally leaving you in the dark every time you open up your fridge, and the light bulb is not burned out, here are the next four things you need to check on your fridge or freezer so you can get it shining again. #1 Light Board The light on your fridge is connected to a light board.

3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Dishwasher This Spring

Spring is a great time to pay a little extra attention to your dishwasher. Here are three different ways you can take care of your dishwasher this spring. #1 Inspect All Gaskets Around the outer edge of your dishwasher door is a seal that ensures that when the dishwasher door is closed, no water leaks out during the washing process. This seal is created by a gasket that runs around the interior edge of your dishwasher door.

Washing Machine Flooring: Multiple Problems That Can Occur With Poor Appliance Positioning

The location where you place your washer can have a huge impact on the way that the appliance works and operates. Over time, the conditions of an area may warp or change, impacting the even level of a washer. What may seem like minor problems at first can quickly change to major problems in the future. If you are experiencing multiple problems with your washer, then purchasing a new washer may not be the solution because the ground level that it is on is just uneven.